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Luxurious Hair Treatment



Rapid Repair Treatment $27

A choice from a three of our top luxury treatment but perfect for the client that is short of time but still wants the benefits that our treatments have to offer.

All mask treatments are accompanied by a relaxing scalp massage followed by a soothing hot towel at the basin.  


Luxury Treatments


Recharging UV Lock Mask Treatment $47

Recharging treatment to repair and reinforce fragile, damaged and weakened hair. The hair appears healthy and brilliant and is easy to comb.

For colour and non-colour treated hair.


Revitalizing Moisture Mask Treatment $47

Nourishes and revitalizes, making dry or frizzy hair incredibly soft and tangle-free.  An ultra-hydrating mask, packed with nourishing Organic Bamboo Extract and Kalahari Melon Extract to strengthen severely damaged hair, these two innovative formula’s work together to obtain exceptional results without weighing hair down: softening and smoothing the cuticle, reinforcing and protecting the hair fibre. Hair is restored with luminosity and moves freely.

For colour and non-colour treated hair.


Illuminating Shine Mask Treatment $47

Reveal new facets of beauty with Alterna’s 3-Minute Shine boost treatment the next generation of shine technology dedicated to glamourous, gloriously glowing hair… replete with jewel-like reflections. Infuses hair with an instant blast and deeply nourishes dry treated hair, leaving it soft, shiny and easy to comb. It smooths the hair cuticle, making it softer, glossier and more manageable. Customized formulas and focused treatments act deeply to restore dull hair health and shine. A shine enhancing hair treatment, inspired by salon glazing services, this shine treatment acts like a lip gloss for your hair for an instant blast of shine. Recharges faded hair colour and seals in moisture. For colour and non-colour treated hair.

All mask treatments are accompanied by a relaxing scalp massage followed by a soothing hot towel.  


Olaplex Bond – Binding Treatment: 1step (normal to damaged hair) $60 (damaged to very damaged hair) $100. We also recommended the take home No.3 Olaplex (this is not included in the treatment price.) 

Olaplex is an amazing product that connects broken bonds in the hair which when broken make the hair break and feel dry and damaged. Olaplex can be added into colour to help re connect the bonds but if the hair is over damaged the best thing to do is an Olaplex Bond – Binding treatment. This will help the bonds reform and make the hair feel and looks its best. A take home of Olaplex is also available to continue the routine at home which we highly recommended to get the best out come from this product.



You can also maintain your hair with at home treatments. Visit out Salon Shop Website to browse our selection for sale.


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