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Luxurious Hair Treatments



L’ANZA Ultimate treatments $35-

The ULTIMATE TREATMENT is a 3-step customized healing service that restores maximum health and shine to the hair. It is specifically designed to be used in conjunction with other in-salon services to dramatically improve cutting, colour and styling results. This professional service takes only 10 minutes with results that are instant and long-lasting.

Volume ultimate Treatment  For fine, thin, &  flat hair types (Helps in achieving full bodied, volumized hair styling).

Moisture ultimate Treatment For dry, rough, depleted hair types.

Strength ultimate Treatment For weak, fragile hair types.

*All treatments are accompanied by a relaxing 5 minute scalp massage & followed by a soothing hot towel.  


L’ANZA Trauma treatment- $30 Ultra deep conditioning treatment that heals the hair.

This Versatile formula can be used as a leave-in or rinse-out treatment. Also can be combined with any conditioning treatment mask for added healing qualities. As a salon treatment we recommend the use of trauma treatment in all colour services to improve colour attachment, and colour quality. Applied to hair prior to colour application or, add trauma treatment crème directly to your L’ANZA Healing colour formula.

We highly recommend using L’ANZA Trauma treatment as a leave in product for at home (150ml $37).


OLAPLEX Bond multiplying Treatment no1 & no2: from $60  (May vary depending on length and condition)

Olaplex is an amazing product that connects broken bonds in the hair which when broken make the hair break and feel dry and damaged. Olaplex can be added into colour to help re connect the bonds but if the hair is over damaged the best thing to do is an Olaplex Bond – Binding treatment. This will help the bonds reform and make the hair feel and looks its best. A take home of Olaplex is also available to continue the routine at home which we highly recommended to get the best out come from this product.

We also recommended the continued use of OLAPLEX No3. treatments at home in between all salon appointments ( No3. 100ml $49.95, this is not included in the treatment price). 


L’ANZA KERATIN HEALING OIL EMERGENCY SERVICE- Short hair lengths $55. Medium-Long hair lengths $65.

EMERGENCY SERVICE is L’ANZA’s most potent hair healing system. Based on Tissue Engineering Technology, this dual-phase salon service renews & restores critically damaged hair with unparalleled results.

Ideal for Critically Damaged Hair Caused By:

HARSH CHEMICALS- poor quality colour, bleach, perms, relaxers, straighteners

UV/INFRARED RAYS- sun, styling tools

MECHANICAL STRESS- combing, brushing, drying

EXCESSIVE HEAT or THERMAL TRAUMA- flat iron / curling irons / dryers

The L’ANZA Keratin healing oil emergency service restores hair’s integrity with improved strength, resiliency, smoothness, & shine.

L’ANZA  keratin healing oil emergency service may be applied at the end of any salon service.




You can also maintain your hair with at home treatments. Visit out Salon Shop Website to browse our selection for sale.


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