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AGI One professional Brazilian smoothing treatment



AGI One smooths and conditions the hair, providing frizz reduction, protection and incredible shine to the hair. This system is available for any hair type with ranges catering to resistant thick hair, colour treated hair, and blonde hair!

AGI One uses unique technology which smooths and conditions the hair by releasing a nanoparticle into the hairshaft to repair hair from the inside out- whilst simultaneously forming a protective film around the hair shaft.

Under thermal action, a film crystalizes on the hair surface ( thermal crystallization), homogenising and releasing even more conditioneing agents into the hair.

AGI One systems contains coconut oil for added hydration & incredible shine, & contains NO Formaldehyde. Each treatment lasts between 3-5months.

After the hair is treated you are able to wash your hair straight away and colour or tone the hair immedietaly afterwards.


Home maintenence products-

The take home shampoo and conditioner are developed to enhance the longevity of the smoothing treatment. The shampoo & conditioner keeps your hair hydrated & frizz free for longer.

The thermo control spray forms a film that seals the cuticle and shields your hair from damages caused by heat styling. Thermo control spray also helps increase the longevity of your treatment, moisturises and conditions the hair, also restores shine and softness.

After the hair is treated you are able to wash your hair straight away and colour or tone the hair immediately afterwards.


Benefits of using AGI One:


  • Easy Application
  • Short processing time = maximising profits
  • Does not alter the colour of the hair*
  • Contains NO Formaldehyde.
  • Up to 20 Applications per bottle.
  • Adds Incredible shine & lusture to the hair.
  • Treatment lasts between 3-5months.
  • Can colour immediately after process.