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KHairPep Transforme – Hair Repair Masque

Introducing KhairPep Transforme™ with K18Peptide™




This revolutionary new treatment repairs hair damaged by bleaching, colouring, straightening and perms. KhairPep Transforme™ is a leave-in treatment for stronger, healthier hair.
Originally created by Dr Artur Paulo-Cavaco, researchers were looking for a way to recover and preserve tapestries when they discovered a long chain peptide that was able to penetrate into the cortex and rebuild the fibres. The potential was soon realised to apply this technology to rebuild and restructure the hair.


K18Peptides™ was uniquely designed to have a driving force and a positive charge for hair penetration and repair. The KhairPep™ formula shuttles proteins into the hair. The proteins recognize and interact with hair lipids, increasing the penetration. Once inside the hair the unique amino acid chain bonds with the hair protein replacing the broken bonds and like a nail between two junctions, re-attaches the hair fibre adding strength and elasticity.
KhairPep Transforme™ leave-in masque, is a restorative, intense therapy masque for thicker, drier hair and damaged ends. Because K18Peptide™ gets inside hair and then bonds, it does not wash out and continues to work even after repeated shampooing, keeping hair strong and healthy.
KhairPep Transforme™ with K18Peptide™ is clinically proven to;


• Strengthen damaged hair
• Increases hair elasticity
• Make hair more manageable and shiny
• Works in 2 to 4 applications
• Will not rinse out next time you shampoo
• Colour Safe


After 8 sessions of bleaching the hair and then treating with K18Peptide™
Hair strength was increased up to 85%

Virgin hair was relaxed with a strong alkaline/guanidine solution to produce intense straightening conditions, then treated with K18Peptide™
There was over 90% recovery of hair strength

Independent Clinical tests verified
Up to 120% improvement on elasticity

With repeated applications research saw up to an additional
41% increase in hair strength


How to Use KhairPep Transforme™ with K18Peptide™:

Shampoo hair, do not use any conditioner before applying KhairPep Transforme™ products.
Apply KhairPep Transforme™ evenly to damp hair. Comb through. Leave on for approximately 4 minutes.
Apply your favourite products as desired. Dry normally. Continued use will improve hair strength. Repeat 2 to 4 times depending on hair damage.


When to use KhairPep Transforme™ with K18Peptide™:

• May be used as a pre-colour treatment to equalize porosity (better colour, depth, evenness and shine).
• As a repairing shine treatment with a colour or style service.
• Can be used between bleaching/colouring and toning (toner will be more even, and last longer).
• Ideal for aging hair that is fine, fragile and thinning.
• After straightening services to strengthen and repair.
• At home to maintain healthy hair.


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