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Cintas – A Fashionable Alternative To The Traditional Hairband.

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Cintas are a snag free, drag free and ouchless elastics for your hair. Super soft hairbands designed to comfortable to hold and accessorise, and both are packaged with a coloured link chain. Cintas is suited to all hair types and styles and all ages. Each set is hand selected and assembled. It’s time to have some fun with your hair.

“Cintas hairbands are the latest product to have for your hair. They are multifunctional, They can be worn to hold your hair, or around your wrist. They don’t leave a dent, so it’s ideal for a changeable up style or post blow-dry.”


Cintas are made from super soft elastic. Twist your favourite Cintas hairband for a comfortable, fun accessory. Great hold, but so soft and won’t leave a dent.


Wear your spare Cintas on your wrist. One or two or three or…. more..


Link your Cintas together. The coloured chain is designed to link and store your favourite Cintas together. Or link and clip to the inside of your handbag, gymbag, or nappybag. No more bottom of the handbag shuffling for a hairband…


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